UK Vintage Watches offers a bespoke restoration service for the most discerning of customers.  Our core offerings include:

  • Full watch restoration – Development of restoration plan, customised to your specific requirements
  • Case Restoration – Filling of dents and deep scratches, restoration of lugs (removal of inner wear), polishing
  • Dial Restoration – Restoration of lume (simulation of tritium), matching of hands (lame to the dial)
  • Bracelet Repair – Removal of wear, repining and filling of deep scratches 
  • Vintage – Sourcing of vintage parts

This CWC dial presents with lime damage at 12 o clock.  

As part of restoration service, we source genuine vintage parts to meet our clients requirements.

The image to the right demonstrates the ability to match the  lume and hands to the original lime

Above and to the right, are some before and after images of our case work.

More images of our work are available and this represents a small sample of the brilliant work we have done in the past.