BRAND                   ROLEX

MODEL                   5513

YEAR                         1985

SERIAL NUMBER      9151xxx

BRACELET                Oyster 93150/K12/580

ACCESSORIES      5513B box set,2 x booklets 1984, wallet, Tags, anchor, warranty paper, calendar and watch register papers

DESCRIPTION       Its been a long time since ive had a really nice 5513 in stock!  This has just come back from light polish  as the case is sharp and bracelet is tight. The bezel is still sharp and turns nicely when you press it down to turn. The original flat 4 insert has no wear mark and the pip does not glow. The dial…… the tritium markers and hands are turning to a nice creamy colour and do not glow anymore.  When you look at the dial under normal light conditions it appears to be satin black finish. Under a lupe you can see the dial is changing due to the lacquer ageing and appearing tropical / brown under sunlight.  Its such a shame the papers are missing but it very well priced as the condition says it all .

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