BRAND                   ROLEX

MODEL                   5513

YEAR                         1974

SERIAL NUMBER      36761xxx

BRACELET                Oyster 9315 and NATO

ACCESSORIES      Letter showing Royal Navy diver provenance & photos, 2x rolex and 1 x service papers, service booklet.

DESCRIPTION      I was very pleased to purchase this from a local RN diver in the Portsmouth area.  Mr D Borlace was a serving member of the RNCD and in 1974 he had to hand back his RN rolex.  He was then a member of the RN diving teams and decided to buy his own rolex submariner, to replace the one he had to hand back that same year. As you can see from his letter, this submariner was put to the test all around the world.  Now in my ownership, i have polished the plexy, refurbished the bracelet and fitted the correct Mk3 insert to replace the service one that was on the watch. The dial and hands are all original tritium that don’t glow anymore and are a nice cream in colour.  This will be a very nice vintage 5513 submariner with RN provenance for someone’s collection.

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